These general terms and conditions apply to all our public training courses for which you register via our website These terms do not apply to in-house training courses, or any other services that we provide.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

We believe you register for a training course because you want to participate in it. In case you are not able to attend the training course because of unforeseen circumstances, we will always try to find a solution in collaboration with you that is satisfactory for you. Typically, we will first explore the possibility of joining our next upcoming training course instead, free of additional charge. If this isn’t feasible we will explore other options together.

This means we don’t work with rules that grant you only a partial refund depending on the time between the cancellation date and training course date.

However, in case the training course cannot take place because of unforeseen circumstances on my side, you do have the right to cancel your purchase and get a 100% refund.

How your email address will be used

The email address that you use to register for the training course will be used for sending you information related to the training course and might be used occasionally for other communication like special offers for former participants. At the bottom of every email you receive from us you have the option to opt-out, so you won’t receive any future emails.


The training course registration and invoicing is handled by Eventix. This means the terms of service of Eventix apply as well.

Dutch applicable law

These are all the “small letters” we need to provide our training courses to you in a safe and reliable manner. All others details are covered by the applicable Dutch laws that are relevant to the agreement.